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To Be Continued?

Author :Moeedul Hussain
Year of Publication :2013
ISBN :9789380619545
No of Pages :184
Size :22
Categories :General, Young Adult
Price : US$15.00

About the Book :

On the night of Valentine's Day, a call from Jess informs Reehan about Anita's attempted suicide. Reehan rushes to the hospital where circumstances forces and fate favours him to spend a lonely night. A journey down the memory lane begins when Reehan introspect the reasons behind his transformation from a shy-guy to a ruthless co-conspirator. 
As a teen his life had all colours of love and friendship. His biggest weakness was his emotions. His heart drove his life and was never in control. With failed relations his broken heart took a wrong turn and headed towards a disaster called Anita.  
Find out, what went wrong? Was Reehan actually to be blamed for Anita? Will he make the correct choice for his wandering heart and set it towards the right course?
It's about games that boys play for love and lust. With many losses, yearnings, delusions and journeys the chapters unfolds a story of love, friendship, family, deception, breakups, patch-ups, conspiracy and struggle. Will Reehan's love, life and inner commotion reach to a conclusion?
What will eventually remain… to be continued…!

About the Author :

Moeedul Hussain, son of a well known teacher of Assamese Literature from Dhubri, a small town on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra in Assam. Though not so favourite amongst his teachers, yet the students of S.P. English Medium High School knew him as a popular host to almost every cultural program at school. He has been especially famous amongst girls as a guy who definitely walks away bagging a prize from an Art Competition held in town. In his entire schooling days, he was more interested in loud music and art competitions, rather than reading novels or planning to write one. Even his Dads small library at home failed to incite his interest with books. He joined the Electronics and Communication Branch at the The Oxford College of Engineering in Bangalore after school. It was in his third year of Engineering when his interest toward reading and writing flared up becoming so intense that it resulted in To Be Continued. he came up with his first novel by the end of final year. After this book, he is all set to enter into the world of Engineers; but his love and passion for writing continues with his second book currently work in progress.

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