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When Love Happens

Author :Hira Chettri
Year of Publication :2013
ISBN :9789380619644
No of Pages :192
Size :22
Categories :General, Young Adult
Price : US$15.00

About the Book :

Some stories are scripted while some are just left to be narrated.

Zubin, belonging to an average Indian family falls for Ananya, a girl of idealism. Their love blossoms like a fairytale. Despite all odds, they struggle to materialize their love but on the verge of their union, the center falls apart.

Ananya’s happiness which lies in giving up their relationship thrusts
Zubin into aloofness. Ironically, his every single attempt to run away sends him reeling back to Ananya; to bring him closer to her though miles apart.

Heavens sake; what was conditioned for their union finally dawns upon Zubin. But will it be possible for him to stand in front of his only love and take a fresh start? Is it really possible for them to be abridged after a breach in their relationship? Does distance make the love grow fonder?

It is not the regular “Axe your Ex” or “Emotional Atyaachar” definition of love. Here, a wholly different facet of love questions the maxim of ‘Love Conquers All’.

Find out as the story of an average lover for his beloved unfolds to withstand the test of time to uphold his purity of heart. To delve deep into the churning of introspection and celebration of Love and Guilt, read When Love Happens...

About the Author :

An admirer of nature, an adventurer, a trekker, a biker, a gourmand, and an avid reader and writer; Hira Chettri is synonymous with modern poetry and prose. Presently, he is living in Solan and working as an Assistant Professor of English literature. As an alumnus of Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, he has earned his Bachelors and Masters degree in English literature. Chettri, also has to his credit Ujlle Panne, an anthology of poems in Hindi, a fine illustration of pregnant emotions of Love. His forte lies in the criticism of life owing to his belief, life, of its own accord, teaches its finest lessons to all. He has penned down a plethora of poems in Hindi as well as English immersed in the pious hues of love. When Love Happens, a novel that delves deep into introspection and celebration of love and guilt, is his maiden work in prose. Apart from regular teaching and writing, he has published research papers as well. In addition to this, he also conducts various workshops on creative writing and communication skills.

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