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World Wide Web Trap

Author :Payal Bangar, Amit Choudhary
Year of Publication :2015
ISBN :9789380619941
Language :English
No of Pages :280
Size :20
Categories :Sci-Fi
Price : US$15.00

About the Book :

Amit Choudhary and Payal Bangar, while working with global marketing giants, felt the obsession and compulsion to reveal the caveat of a web which is getting wider as the world is getting smaller. They went on a journey of a story that transcends into future. They scripted a surrealistic social fiction, of a future time when humanity would realize that it always carried its trap somewhere deep within itself like a spider.
Gypsy, a former radio jockey, meets Radha, a prostitute with a degree in psychology, and they decide to play a simple game with each other. What happens next is literally life-changing for Gypsy.
The World Wide Web Trap, set in 2049, is a tumultuous ride through the life of one ordinary man. A life shaped by forces around him which he doesn't even realize… none of us realize.
The world is new, but the trap is still the same old. Gypsy, an 'anyone' from Generation Z. His life, like anyone else's, has been manipulated by some perennial forces but his extraordinary ordinariness is what makes him the protagonist of this novel.
The novel has a hint of surreal drama, contemporary poetry, rational philosophy, virtual eroticism, unanswered questions and above all truth.
Can humanity find a way out of this trap? World Wide Web Trap dives deep into the human psyche and much more to answer this question, exposing a danger that we all choose to ignore!

About the Author :

Payal Bangar is an IIM Grad, a devilish charming marketer who has sold spirits, surf boards, fashion apparel and much more. She loves sleeping (strictly alone!) because of the schizophrenic yet beautiful dreams she sees and remembers! Dancing, energy healing and traveling infuse life into her. She is moving to UK to settle down as a wanderer and writer.

Amit Choudhary

Amit Choudhary, a poet and day-dreamer, who loves sleeping because only when he sleeps he stops dreaming. He spent his rich corporate career in marketing some of the biggest brands in the world. Currently away from the maddening crowd, at his hometown in Patna, he is busy in keeping his restlessness in check by writing, teaching and collecting (what he calls!) samples of life.

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