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Tulips in India

Author :Peter Goedhart
Year of Publication :2015
ISBN :9789380619958
Language :English
No of Pages :136
Size :18
Categories :Short Stories
Price : US$15.00

About the Book :

Wherever people work with people, what usually surfaces are more or less equal quantities of courage, weakness, prejudice, joviality, and inspiration. This also applies to the many attempts by “outsiders” to improve the position of the poor and unprivileged throughout our planet.
These outsiders can be government officials, urban citizens, philanthropists, private sector representatives or donor agencies. Many of them come with the best of intentions but face the difficulty of coming to grips with what the real needs are of the people they want to help, what to do best, and how to communicate with those who live in such different circumstances than their own.

Over thirty years of working in development aid have provided Peter Goedhart with the necessary experience and expertise to write an eye-opening book on rural development which bears little resemblance to others before it. Consisting of twenty-four vignettes composed mainly of dialogues, “Tulips in India” is full of humour, lively language and penetrating observations, all coming together to paint a surprising yet recognisable picture of people who are trying to improve their lives or hang on to privileged positions. And more importantly, what “outsiders” are doing there and how dialogues on development often end up being dominated by the people and not by the so-called experts.

About the Author :

Having finished his university studies in land and water management, Peter Goedhart (1951, the Netherlands) began his professional career working in rural energy programs in India. He later worked for over 30 years with a Dutch donor organization and was directly involved in development projects mainly in India, where he travelled extensively, but also in Nepal and Pakistan. Though he has always been a writer throughout his professional career with a book on a visit to Ukraine and several essays, policy papers, speeches and columns to his credit writing remained more or less a hobby for him until he used a sabbatical to compose the short stories comprising this book. Witty and displaying a subtle humor that directly engages the reader, these vignettes shows how his creative imagination transforms the reality of mundane life into something not only entertaining but eye-opening as well. He is currently a writer as well as editor for websites and newsletters of Dutch civil society organizations.

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